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2 Day F-Gas Category 1

February 20, 2024
February 21, 2024 (All day)
Beijer Ref Academy, Thorp Arch Trading Estate, Wetherby, LS23 7FS   View map


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Event Details

Designed for experienced engineers who have yet to obtain an F-Gas category 1 qualification or, engineers that seek extra theory training. The overall objective of the course is to understand how to work with refrigerants safely, reduce any refrigerant loss to atmosphere, reduce any refrigerant leakage and ensure systems are operating efficiently. The 2-day course consists of; The theory of how refrigeration systems operate and practical advice on completed the relevant paperwork. Practical assessments, as shown below, as well as an online multiple-choice questionnaire to ensure the candidates have an understating of refrigeration systems.

Course content

An overview of:

  • The ‘driving licence’
  • The basic principles of how a system works
  • Common components – what they do and the different types
  • Refrigerants – associated hazards, environmental issues and legal responsibilities
  • How systems are controlled, protection devices
  • Typical system operating conditions and performance
  • Introduction to brazing and jointing
  • System procedures – strength / tightness pressure testing
  • Refrigerant handling – evacuation, charging and recovering
  • Leak testing and reduction of leak potential

Practical assessments covering:

  • Ability to braze and flare copper pipe
  • Carry out and complete a nitrogen pressure test
  • Carry out and complete a leak test, direct and indirect
  • Evacuate a system using a vacuum gauge
  • Prove a system structure is sound and leak tight
  • Charge a system with non a zeotropic refrigerant (over 3 kg Category 1)
  • Prove system efficiency
  • Produce commissioning documentation
  • Complete a system log
  • Recover refrigerant from a system
  • Drain oil from a compressor
  • Produce waste documentation
  • Ensure traceability of refrigerant

Suitable for

Engineers attending the course will need to be conversant in the following:

  • Units of measurement used for temperature, pressure, mass, density and enthalpy, including different states of refrigerant.
  • Understand the basic theory of the vapour compression cycle and the use of a PH diagram
  • Major components and how they relate to a systems operation and how to identify potential for leakage
  • Operating conditions and efficiency of refrigeration systems
  • Azeotropic and non-zeotropic refrigerants
  • GWP (global warming potential) of refrigerants and what it means
  • Understand Ozone depletion including the Montreal & Kyoto Protocols and how they impact on our industry
  • Leakage points, identification of and associated risks.
  • Legal requirements for the storage and transportation of refrigerants, oils and controlled waste including documentation and records that need to be kept
  • Understand the hazards involved in handling refrigerants, oils, hazardous substances and waste products
  • Understand the hazards involved in using nitrogen for pressure testing and flame brazing

Minimum Experience Required
Experienced engineers only. If you feel you lack the experience or knowledge required we suggest you consider attending our 5-day F-Gas Category 1 course.